Welcome to MNM GLOBAL INC.

MNM Global Inc. is an offshore partner for providing Transportation Data analysis/ Traffic video reduction services for Transportation data collection companies, Transport Planners, Consultants, Councils and other Transport authorities across the globe.

MNM Global is also a professional transportation data collection company for carrying out all types of Traffic surveys across India. We bring in the International expertise and latest technologies for delivering accurate traffic data at International standards for the Indian road conditions.

MNM Global is a well-established software development and KPO / BPO company with over 7 years track record in servicing national and international customers. MNM Global is currently helping small and medium sized companies to automate their Marketing / Sales, Business Management, Project Site Management functions with its full suite of software solutions. MNM Global also offers through a separate division, a full range of Cloud and Web based services to large, medium and small companies. 

Why Should you Choose

MNM Global Inc. Technical Information ?

Offshore Data Analysis & Traffic Surveys

MNM Global can count any junction layout that varies from a basic T-Junction to a complex multiple camera roundabout or Big Gyratory with any number of vehicle Classification.

Sucessful KPO/ BPO Services

MNM Global has been a successful BPO/ KPO services provider to global companies (UK, EU, USA & Japan) for over 7 years starting 2010 with 100% satisfied & Happy Customers.

Practical Sales & Cloud Solutions
MNM Global is currently helping small and medium sized companies to automate their Marketing / Sales & Software with its full suite of software ,Cloud Solutions & Google Business Solutions.
Dedicated Programmers & Researchers

We offer complete and Comprehensive Development Service that includes Software Design, Development, Quality Assurance , Software Testing , Customer Service and Software support.